Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mission accomplished!

Last weekend's dash around the 44 grounds of the top two football league divisions was every bit as mad, tiring and fun as it promised to be!

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Craving the 'ugly' signings/madcap adventure

Long time no post! At the end of last season I was too nervous to type and since then I've been breathing the mother of all sighs of relief and like the players enjoying a well-earned break from all things Forest! Following Forest is often stressful but never dull eh?!

Last season was too close for comfort and it is patently clear that this summer is an important one in terms of making sure it doesn't go the same way in the season ahead.

CC's big mistake last time around for me was in defence. Strangely, given his reputation as a negative manager, he showed too much faith in Wilson, Chambers and to a lesser extent Smith with the first two proving sadly inadequate at this level.

With that in mind, whilst I've been overjoyed with the incomings so far, I still feel the most important two players are still to come when it comes to Billy building a side capable of holding its own confidently in the Championship.

Firstly, Wes Morgan desperately needs help at the back - primarily in the form of a centre back. Breckin stood in for the nuts and bolts defending last time but it was clear his talents were fading and it was right to let him go. What we need now is a younger, quicker version of Breckinbauer. Whether that is Mills or Barker or someone else I'm not sure but that is a vital gap to plug in coming weeks.

Secondly, a gritty, ball playing leader is a must. Paul McKenna seems the perfect fit if I'm honest - a wily campaigner who knows this league and Billy well and would be a great leader to help along the likes of McGugan.

With that important spine in the bag the likes of McGoldrick and Adebola become even better captures. Billy's done well so far and has bagged four signings that make me confident we can shake our poor transfer window record to continue building a new and exciting side.


Anyone who knows me will probably be aware that, along with two friends, I'm taking on the tricky task of visiting all 44 football league grounds from the top two divisions in a weekend........this weekend!

As the Forest fan of the party i'll be doing this for the club's charity for this season (Balls to Poverty) and possibly trying to squeeze into a Tricky Trees shirt from my youth to represent the club with my Coventry and Liverpool supporting co-fundraisers!

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