Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Still unfinished business for Billy

The prevailing mood upon leaving the City Ground on Saturday was undoubtedly one of frustration. The 1-1 draw with Bournemouth proved perfectly that Billy Davies' 'unfinished business' mantra still holds true, with two pieces of the jigsaw very definitely and prominently missing.

Those pieces aren't a surprise either. The club's well documented chase of Grant Leadbitter and of a number of strikers show that the wee Glaswegian is as acutely aware of the fact that the side - despite healthy building work - is incomplete.

On the face of it a striker alone would have settled three points on Trentside on Saturday. It's true that there were chances galore to add to Henri Lansbury's stunning long range curler. Cox's one-on-one in the first half was golden, especially given that it was a rare moment that he wasn't flagged for being offside. Henderson's inexplicable miscue after he'd rounded the keeper in the second half added a rancid icing to a particularly ill-tasting cake.

A cheeky poacher in the mould of Billy Sharp, Rob Earnshaw or David Johnson would surely have gobbled up either opportunity, but is that too cheap a point to make? While strikers of their calibre would have been licking their lips more than a Premier League side on the way to Selhurst Park at the moment at being handed such chances, Cox and Henderson would both, on another day, surely have netted. 

Cox in particular is in a worryingly blunt run of form. His ability and pedigree should definitely be yielding more in the goals column - something that would ease the still valid calls for Fawaz's chequebook to be brandished. He has been backed now by three managers and has accrued a fair wedge of faith to repay. 

So what of the other gap in the current side? The need for a deep lying 'midfield general' was, for me, almost as keenly felt.

Bournemouth were a side that do not deserve to be patronised. Eddie Howe's outfit played good football, had smart movement and were built from a solid base that included the astutely signed ex Forest loanee Elliott Ward. The Cherries had a second half wobble when they gave the ball away too readily and looked ripe to concede a second. But, with Forest's aforementioned profligacy helping, they rallied strongly and, come the end, their equaliser felt deserved.

That said, it felt like the midfield balance displayed by the home side contributed. Billy was criticised post match for 'sitting on the lead', but this is precisely what he couldn't do. With the players he had available the Reds boss tried to fashion a working midfield from a bank of flair players. Lansbury, Majewski, Reid and Abdoun all have their talents - but you feel all could do with someone behind them. Someone in 'that' bert that at our level seems a little laughable to call the 'Makelele role'. 

The paucity in that position was not helped, of course, by loanee Chalobah's suspension. With him out of the picture Lansbury and Reid both at times dropped deeper and tried to dictate the tempo. That they were only partially successful meant a point was always there for the taking, something Pugh's late leveller ultimately secured for the impressive visitors.

It's harsh to criticise Davies too much for sending his flair foursome out to try to win the game but sadly it was crying out for someone to either put their foot on the ball and calmly assert authority or to have a physical presence that could dominate. Effectively we needed someone to do the role filled so well at the start of last season by Simon Gillett. I wonder what he's up to?

I guess the point stands though that either that little bit extra control in the middle or more clinical finishing would've added two more points to the current tally. Lansbury's corker - as the old cliche goes - 'deserved to win any game' and had it done so the forward line wouldnt have fallen u der such scrutiny.

 It's great credit to Davies and his band of merry touchline men that Forest sit 4th in the table while still not being the finished package. Should Chalobah add balance and control and one of Cox or Derbyshire, say, find goalscoring form then there's no reason why the good start can't be translated into a challenge for the promotion positions. Without that though it'll be difficult to hang onto to the coat tails of the likes of Leicester, pace setters Burnley and 'Arry's Rs (not one to say out loud).


My Internet is working. I'm saying no more for fear of jinxing it but the TalkTalk rants will cease for now...and hopefully forever!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TalkTalk: The saga continues

One day I'll get back to posting the occasional observations here on the fortunes of Nottingham Forest, maybe on that day I'll have fibre broadband too. Yep, that's right, the saga is STILL rumbling on.

Firstly, I was impressed that many people actually read the last ramble I put out on here. It was, in retrospect, a tad on the 'hefty' side but thankfully many people seemed to forgive the rather public airing of dirty web linen.

It seems TalkTalk themselves probably read it too. I can't say that for sure of course because I don't know but I did, funnily, begin to get a better level of customer service after my post and a few (well, ok, maybe a few too many) tweets in the direction of my dearly beloved 'service provider'.

Low and behold they did even begin to live up to that moniker and, well, you know, provide a service. Firstly I had nightly phone calls from a pleasant lady with updates on my issue, informing me that the technical department were looking at things and should have my landline phone fixed soon.

Then, on Friday August 9, I returned from a day out to see a magical fluttering light on my modem. Not only was my phone now active but basic broadband was active. Brilliant. Now at last I could gorge on Alan Partridge trailers, download my podcasts and watch THAT awesome trailer where someone did 'Malcolm Tucker as Doctor Who' (if you haven't seen it, enjoy http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/odd/s7/doctor-who/news/a503970/peter-capaldi-in-doctor-who-malcolm-tucker-mashup-trailer-watch.html?utm_source=tw&utm_medium=dsuk&utm_campaign=twdsuk).

I had another call that night. This to my landline (a call at last!). Firstly the lady asked if my landline was working. I resisted the urge to be cheeky although was sorely tempted to highlight that I'd have trouble speaking to her if it wasn't. I gingerly raised the subject of the Internet, asking if it would disappear in a day like last week, and was met with a polite - but confused - response. I seemingly, possibly, maybe, shouldn't have the basic Internet. Oh well, let's keep it quiet and, importantly, switched on shall we??

This left just - just! - the issue of the fibre broadband. This was the upgrade we'd decided to treat ourselves to in our new house. One for which TalkTalk would, of course, make a little bit more money out of us for and should (see last post) have been installed on July 31.

The next day I drove to Nottingham for some shopping and to see my sister. En route I missed a call from TalkTalk. They left a message asking me to ring back. Fair enough. I did. Only when I got through they seemed to have no idea why I'd called. I tried to explain that I'd called to return their message and asked what did THEY want but this was to no avail. Did I have an issue? Well, Erm yes, quite clearly! Did they want me to go through it all again?? Surely you know why you wanted me specifically?

Then they asked if I had wanted to speak to a manager. Well, yes, but at the beginning of the week when you promised a call within a day! Did I want to speak to one now? Well, it had to be better than playing 'guess the reason for the call' - so why not? Only then I got cut off. They rang back but after round two of 'guess the reason for the call' I got cut off again. I gave up. Tackling the madness of shopping at Ikea on a Saturday was bad enough without a frankly farcical phone call to add into the flat packed melting pot.

In the meantime with basic Internet, lots of DIY to do and a trip to the excellent and aforementioned Alpha Papa the situation drifted along until, on the Thursday, I received an email saying that TalkTalk had been unable to contact me (odd since I'd never had a missed call or answer phone message) and could I ring them urgently to discuss an engineer.

I did and, after the classic call options/hold music/security questions/call transfer to right department shtick I was told that they wanted to send an engineer to my house on August 27. Could it not be earlier? No. Was I not now a priority case after all this, well, faffing about? No. So, basically, I had to have that date whether I liked it or not?! They wouldn't word it like that of course but I would. (a spade is a spade if not an f'ing shovel - that's what they taught me in journalism training. That and don't waffle on like in this blog - whoops!).

Again the call ended with the obligatory 'was I happy?' question. Not really. It's going to make it a month since the date when I was guaranteed to get this service. Someone needs to rip up that TalkTalk customer service manual. I'll offer my services. But, only on a date I choose that's about a month away.

Why would it take so long, I asked? Because appointments tend to take about 20 days. But, hang on...so why the delay in booking an engineer after my July 31 date then? That would also mean the engineer wasn't booked until, well, until I posted the whole saga on this blog. Hmm. Still, I'd have confirmation in 72 hours and apparently everything would definitely be sorted on the 27th.

[At this point if you're flagging feel free to take a break and watch Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs or something. It's here if you want it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVAVJONEjbA&feature=youtube_gdata_player]

Before that date arrived I received my 1st bill. This was odd because I had requested paperless billing. I'd had a letter querying my email address a while ago (they appear to have written an ^ in front of it at 1st) but, when I rung, had been assured that they had the correct address. Plus I'd had emails relating to my complaint. Yet still here was my 1st bill with a £1.90 charge for a paper bill. I queried it and was told I'd have a credit applied to my next bill. A small episode maybe, but symbolic of the the ineptitude that was now, sadly, predictable.

By now I'd found that email, while maybe slow, was a way to get an answer to a basic question and saved an inevitable 20 minute call to an 0870 number. I sent another. This time asking if the 27th still stood since I'd had no confirmation. A reply duly informed me that it was and reiterated that the engineer would attend between 8am and 1pm.

Now, here we are. The 27th. I bet you can guess what's coming next...

No-one showed up. My girlfriend waited and waited (I was at work), ensuring all the kit was out ready and a space was cleared amid our semi decorated front room.

Come 4pm I called TalkTalk. Had something gone wrong? They said it was clear that the engineer was not going to attend. They said I had to ring back the next day and re-arrange for another one to come out.

But, hang on. Could they not contact Openreach and find out why the appointment they booked on our behalf had not been fulfilled? Apparently not. I explained that I found it odd that they would not at least check what had gone on. The lady told me there were many reasons why the engineer may not have attended and then set about listing some possible scenarios. Erm, but rather than guessing how about checking? Did they have the wrong address for example? Or should they not be responsible for putting right an unfulfilled date? This might, after all, not be TalkTalk's fault...

Once again I was banging my head against an impenetrable brick wall. The lady apologised about a dozen times and said she understood my concerns. I don't want to be harsh but these are just words. I've heard them dozens of times. She also credited my account with £5. Again, not being ungrateful but i'd probably just spend that in 20 minutes on the phone to an 0870 number so does little to address the inconvenience.

Would my next engineer take another 20 days? And, given that my girlfriend will be back teaching soon, will I have to take a day off now - something I'm definitely not keen to have to do if the engineer will then not attend.

I also refuse to believe that no-one at TalkTalk can contact anyone at Openreach to find out what went on today. If I didn't turn up to work at the paper I'd expect a call to see what was going on. Surely someone checks up on these things with broadband engineers too?

So, the saga rumbles on. At least I now have a service, just not the one I rang to arrange at the end of June. Surely someone at TalkTalk can see that is not good enough?

At least Forest have started well eh...?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The endless frustrations of a would-be TalkTalk customer

I want a service with TalkTalk. That can't be too hard can it? I mean, none of these telecoms companies have got great reputations but if you ring up and offer them money they're at least good at first right? Hmm, maybe not.

I've recently moved house from one part of south Lincolnshire to another and was previously a TalkTalk customer at my old house. I asked to transfer my old service (basic phone and broadband) to this house and was told that it would take a couple of weeks. I'm not sure exactly why it takes them so long but, still, I settled on knowing that my old service would end on July 1 and begin at the new place on July 13.

Or so I thought.

Before that date arrived I had a call to say that there had been a problem with my order - TalkTalk's fault so they say - so it would have to be cancelled and re-placed. Not ideal since I'd already been waiting but still these things happen.

I got transferred to a helpful - and hopeful - sounding chap in the sales department. When I explained that it I was disappointed since it was my intention to upgrade to fibre broadband once my line was active he went away, spoke to someone else, and came back and said that not only could he get my service active on July 19 he would also put the fibre order through there and then to save me any further inconvenience. He booked the engineer for July 31 and promised me 6 months free of the 'basic phone and broadband' part of my bill.

All sounds fair enough I thought still, at this point, naively believing that they would be keen to sort it out and take my money.

One thing though - what if the problem that caused my initial order to cancel resurfaced?

It's ok he said - they should be able to fix it for the 19th but, as an absolute last resort, the engineer on the 31st would definitely get us a service, with a new line installed if necessary. That sounded a little worrying - the 31st was a decent way away after all - but it was a confident promise. On those terms I agreed and signed up.

Then things went strangely quiet. No emails or letters as per normal when you take an order with one of these companies. Keen to check there wasn't another problem I rang up on July 17. I got through to a very friendly lady who checked my account and confirmed that everything was fine and I was still due to go live. Phew.

On the 19th I dutifully plugged in my phone and modem, finally ready to resume my basic service. But nothing. I began to get concerned and rang TalkTalk.

The 1st person I spoke to said that the 19th had been cancelled and my order was due to go through on the 31st. She said that because I'd ordered fibre the two had to go through together.

So hang on, that sales patter about saving me time and putting both orders through together? Was that just a fib to get me to sign up? Who knows. This woman had one stock answer to my questions and wasn't prepared to budge from robot mode into a human conversation.

I asked to speak to someone else and, when put through, was told that my 'go live' date was indeed cancelled almost as soon as it had gone through. So why no call, email or letter? He said that the company had issues with how they handled the process from placing an order to delivering it and apologised.

He said my July 31 date was also cancelled because of a fault with my line but that my basic service would go live on July 24. So another wait. But how did I know this would actually happen? Don't worry, he said. He'd checked and the order for that had "perfectly gone through already, there are no issues with it".

I know those were his exact words because I took them down in trusty shorthand (100wpm certificate available to view on request) because by now I was fed up with getting conflicting views every time I called. Oh and that's every time I called on my mobile phone at my expense of course.

Then followed a fibre modem and letter. Progress at last. I mean they wouldn't send out kit and then not get a service live for you to use it with right?! The letter said July 31 but this was talking about fibre so I crossed everything and hoped the definitive promise would come true.

So onwards and upwards to the 24th. But once again not a sausage of a dialling tone when I plugged in. Not even a pesky chipolata. This is of course the date that has 'perfectly gone through'.

I rang the next day (having left it til then in case by some miracle it whirred into action overnight). What had happened to July 24? They told me, once again, that it all had to happen together on the 31st. So that was 2-2 in the game between the 'it goes live in stages' and the 'it has to happen at once' camps. It's a match that sounds like more fun than I was having.

So, given that the last chap said July 24 had 'perfectly gone through' but that July 31 had been cancelled what chance had I got of getting a service on that date? A date, if you remember (apologies if I've bored you but this is vaguely cathartic!), that would be when I'd get a service as a 'last resort' even if it meant a new line. By now I'd take a fibre line plugged directly into my head if it meant an end to this sorry saga... So, to ease my increasing frustrations, the woman's exact words (again taken down in shorthand so permissible in court): "I can guarantee it will be activated on the 31st". A guarantee? Well, I had to take that.

On the 31st came a brief ray of sunshine. A call from an engineer to tell me he'd send a colleague that afternoon. At last. Might today be the day?!

No. Of course it wasn't. I should've learned by now.

The engineer did indeed attend but couldn't even get a dialling tone on my line. Someone else would have to come to fix the fault.

So I called TalkTalk. When could the fault be fixed? How much longer may I have to wait? Would I be charged for a service I haven't had since July 1?

They said I'd have to wait up to 48 hours before they received the engineers report but that I wouldn't be charged or that I'd be reimbursed. They'd ring me to tell me when they knew.

Then, two days later, with no phone call for warning, an engineer arrived. He duly fixed the fault and, hey presto, we had basic phone and internet. Hallelujah! He couldn't fix the fibre - that wasn't his bag - so I called TalkTalk to ask. They said I'd have to wait 48 hours (this was 48 hours) and call back.

But, I could cope with that for now. I had a basic service. I could update my phone, get on Internet banking, sort out my bills and of course - tweet, watch YouTube and browse to my heart's content without another 'you have used your allowance' text message. Euphoria!

Except by the time I returned from a trip to Nottingham (Forest won, my luck must have turned!) the Internet and phone was down. Surely not? Not after just one day? If we slept on it it might've been one of those overnight caused by storm things right? Sadly we clutched at that straw but awoke to no phone and Internet again.

I called TalkTalk. They said I'd have to wait for 48 hours for an engineer's report. Erm, what? From when? The booked engineer date of July 31? Friday's out of the blue visit? From today?

She didn't know and I was losing the will to carry on banging my already bruised head into this relentless brick wall of false promises and endless string of fruitless phone calls. In the end she told me they would have an answer on Monday or early on Tuesday. Did she just make that up to get rid of me? It felt that way but I was getting nowhere so went along with it.

So, Tuesday morning (today!). What's the latest please TalkTalk? Note that I again ring them. I've never once had an unprompted call to keep me informed of the progress of my 'order' - if we can still call it that.

You'll have to wait 48 hours they say. Why? What for? Have they had an engineer's report? If not, have they not chased this up for me? When am I going to get a service? The lady said I'd have to wait 48 hours for an update. Sorry, not good enough, I thought. I'd waited as patiently as possible but there are limits surely?

I asked to speak to a manager. The lady said she would try to transfer me. She couldn't. The manager was busy but she'd get them to ring me back. It'd be today. At least that'd save me hanging on. Was there anything else she could help me with? Erm, I've got no service, you can't tell me why I haven't or when I will get a service...other than that I'm fine. I guess it's in the coaching manual but seriously was that the right time to ask that question?!

I began to think on and decided not to wait. I wanted to speak to someone in the complaints department. Surely there's someone out there who can give me a proper explanation and, when listening to my tale above, can realise they've been pretty woeful so far and ought to pull out a few stops to keep me on board as a customer?

This time they rang me back. But, after placing me on hold - I hate that music! - they said they noted that a manager was due to call me. They apologised - they always do - and said the manager would answer my questions. I explained that if they couldn't at least give a basic answer I'd have to consider cancelling and they said they'd make a further note that I was waiting for a call and promised that answers would be forthcoming.

That was at about 1030-1045. By 6.30pm I'd not had a call from the manager. I rang myself, was put on hold and cut off as I was being transferred. I waited a minute for a call back - thinking they would try to get me back - but tried again. I was cut off again.

At that point I felt the need to blog. Well, after a donut (you drove me to that TalkTalk!).

So I'm still waiting. I'm thoroughly fed up of ringing TalkTalk and getting different non-answers from robot people. Don't get me wrong, they're always pleasant but the trouble is they're inept. I'd gladly swap the niceties for a blast of Malcolm Tucker at his sweary worst if it was at least an efficient Tucker who knew how to fix a fibre broadband line up.

I'm sure other people have similar experiences. And I know it's not just TalkTalk. Too many companies have pathetic customer service. They spend all their money on flash adverts and TV rights while ignoring the need for a working service (yes that's a dig at you BT).

The trouble is the net has become so important. Of course I want to watch Alan Partridge trailers, tweet 'banter' and comment on friends' Facebook photos but these days you need it for checking bank statements, paying bills, shopping for the best deals and doing extra work at home at weekends when you're busy. Maybe in the future the Internet will have to be like the gas and electric which will keep running at a house when you go?

Whatever happens though, if you are reading this TalkTalk I'm STILL waiting for my call...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The not-so-merry-go-round

As an occasional blogger on the events at the City Ground, it's always hard enough to keep up with everything that's happening but you know things are particularly bad when we've had more managers than blog posts in recent times.

I have to say I greeted news of Alex McLeish's departure with a weary shrug and the fact that us fans are not that surprised to lose a manager after 41 days and just 7 games speaks volumes.

Big 'Eck's shotgun stay on Trentside bypassed the usual honeymoon period - heading straight for a short, sharp divorce. I suppose it was less of a marriage, more an uncivil partnership (which is rather apt this week I guess!).

The Scot seemed destined for the exit door as soon as the dust settled on a laughably botched transfer window. The cherry on the cake must have come when top target Chris Burke consigned McLeish's charges to a defeat at his old stomping ground on Saturday with a brace.

It was a result that rubbed McLeish's nose into it so much that it's a surprise he didn't have a Steve Bruce-esque mangled conk come the final whistle.

Let's be honest, performances under McLeish have been as disjointed as said snout and I can't say that after a record of seven games with just one win, four losses and 15 goals conceded I'll mourn him too much.

The issue really is that, coming after a slightly farcical deadline day and ruthless sacking of Sean O'Driscoll, it leaves us looking like a bit of a joke.

Which serious manager actually wants the job now?

At the end of the Watford game one old wag in the crowd near me shouted 'Adkins in'. He was joking then but he's probably hoping for that to come true now.

The former Saints boss is definitely an impressive character - and would certainly bring positivity to the club at a time when it's not exactly in abundance.

But does he want to walk into a club in the state Forest is in? He's surely too sensible to sip from this poisoned chalice at this time?

Who else is there?

I see Billy Davies' name mentioned by a string of tweeters and bookies.

The feisty wee Glaswegian is still known affectionately as 'King Billy' in some circles and I suppose this is the week for unlikely monarchical comebacks, what with Richard III turning up under a Leicester car park.

Still, Billy back? Surely that's a plot even too far fetched for the soap opera that is Nottingham Forest? Mind you, like Leicester's car park Plantagenet, you get the impression Shakespeare might have had some fun with Billy!

If it happens though you fear it would be a move from the owners to try to win fans back over than for footballing reasons.

Di Canio? There's a storm we could probably do without. Roy Keane? Likewise. Owen Coyle? Maybe - although Bolton's slide under him was worrying. Sean O'Drisc... Oh hang on - we've not so much burned that bridge as dropped a nuclear bomb on it...

Here's a thought. Why not hand the reins to John Pemberton with Rob Kelly until the summer? Then we can take the time to appoint a chief executive or similar figure who can help the Al Hasawis get to grips with running a club in the English game.

That person can help weigh up the options and then together they can pick a manager in the summer who can be given time (definition = much much longer than 41 days) plus the scouting infrastructure needed to build on the start made by O'Driscoll - who had started to mould the basis for a decent squad.

Sackings and general upheaval have long-since cost us a shot at a promotion that, in itself, would have been too much, too soon anyway, especially a year after we only narrowly escaped the drop.

The goal now should be some much needed calm. Can we at least manage that for a bit?